ChatGPT Not Working and Action Not Working 2024, Here’s What You Can Do!

Users are empowered for a variety of jobs using OpenAI, a powerful platform that facilitates the development and implementation of unique GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) and Actions. While Actions link GPTs to external databases, online services, APIs, and other resources, GPTs produce text, photos, code, music, and other content. Errors may occur like ChatGPT Not Working or ChatGPT Action Not Working while the platform is being maintained or during times of heavy usage.

If you’re having problems, don’t worry. Here are some easy Solutions to follow while troubleshooting and fixing your OpenAI GPTs and Actions.

Check the OpenAI Status Page.

For information on system performance, both historical and real-time, start by visiting the OpenAI Status Page?. Get updates by RSS, text message, or email. In the event that an issue is still occurring, give the OpenAI team time to handle it.

Go on to the next steps if there is no report of the occurrence.

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Verify Actions and GPTs Settings

For the fixing of ChatGPT Not Working Error, Examine and confirm that all GPTs and Actions settings, such as model/engine parameters, API key, input/output formats, and permissions are configured correctly. Observe these actions:

  1. Enter your OpenAI login credentials.
  2. Go to the Actions or GPTs tab.
  3. Choose the GPT or Action.
  4. To check and adjust settings, click “Edit”.
  5. Test your GPT or Action after saving your modifications.

Verify Internet Connectivity

Check that you have a reliable and powerful Internet connection, this is essential to the OpenAI platform’s operation. Observe these actions:

  1. Switch On and Off your Mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  2. Look at other internet-dependent websites or applications.
  3. Use mobile data or attempt an other Wi-Fi network.
  4. Get in touch with your ISP if problems continue.

Still “ChatGPT Not Working Error” Occur, Contact with OpenAI Support Center

Please get in touch with OpenAI support by phone at (800-OPENAI), email at [email protected], Twitter at @_openai, or OpenAI’s website if the above methods don’t work on the issue ” ChatGPT isn’t Working and Actions isn’t Working 2024″.

  • Your email address and name.
  • GPT or ID and name of action.
  • A screenshot or recording of the error.
  • A thorough explanation of the problem and attempted solutions you’ve tried.

Your resolution will be guided by OpenAI support to fix ChatGPT Not Working or Action Not Working Error.

Top OpenAI ChatGPT Not Working Troubleshooting FAQ (2024)

Why is my chat GPT not working for me?

Possible reasons include network issues, server outages, or capacity limits. Check the OpenAI service status at [] or contact their support team at [].

How do I fix the issue with my GPTs not showing, saving, or calling functions correctly?

Try refreshing the page, clearing browser cache, or using a different browser. Report the issue at [] or follow updates on their official Twitter account at [@OfficialLoganK].

What are the limits and quotas for using GPTs and actions on OpenAI?

Limits depend on your subscription plan and usage. Details on pricing and plans at [], and monitor usage and billing at [].

How do I create custom GPTs and actions using OpenAI?

Use online tools like GPT builder, chat GPT, plugin builder, and action builder at []. Find tutorials and examples at [] or [].

How do I integrate my GPTs and actions with other platforms or applications?

Use the OpenAI API for requests and responses at []. Explore third-party tools or services like [Breebs], [PromptBreeders], or [Lucidbox].

How do I protect the privacy and security of my GPTs and actions?

Follow guidelines, avoid storing or sharing sensitive data, adhere to laws, and respect intellectual property rights. More information at [] or [].

How do I get help or support for using OpenAI?

Contact customer service at [] or [[email protected]]. Join the community forum at [] or Discord server at [] for questions and discussions.


Despite being user-friendly, OpenAI sometimes makes mistakes. To debug, use these procedures; if necessary, contact OpenAI support. With any luck, this method will let you to continue using GPTs and Actions against the issue “ChatGPT Not Working and Action Not Working”. Feel free to ask questions or provide comments below. Happy Actioning and GPTing!

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