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FaceCheck ID : We have learned how to utilize Yandex, TinEye, and Google’s reverse image search. What about Facebook’s picture search, though? Yes, you may use FaceCheck ID, a third-party face search engine, to locate someone’s Facebook page.

Reverse Image Search with FaceCheck ID

A reverse image face search engine is called FaceCheck ID Upload a picture, and the person’s compatible public profiles are shown. helpful for verifying possible dates or locating individuals using aliases or false profile photos.

4 Steps to Reverse Image Search : Step by step

Here’s a guide to using the Facebook reverse image search in just four simple steps:

  1. Visit FaceCheck ID first.
  2. Add the picture.
  3. Press “Search”.
  4. Navigate the results to locate the individual.

Do not forget that FaceCheck ID is limited to public picture use. The results will not include private profiles.

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Facebook Image Search Usage

Enter the picture URL in the search field to find a Facebook profile using an image. The search engine displays pictures that are either identical to or similar to the one you input.

Facecheck ID : Face Image Search Benefits and Drawbacks


  1. Helpful in locating individuals with similar or altered names.
  2. Can utilize submitted photographs to find inactive users.


  1. Results may contain unrelated persons with similar looks (doppelgangers).
  2. All things considered, a useful yet limited tool.

Locating a Social Account via Image

  • Google Reverse Image Search: Only available for images from Facebook.
  • Name Search: Functions only if the user uses their genuine name on a public profile.
  • Ask for Details: Ask for an email address or username. FaceCheck.ID uses a person’s picture to search many platforms when searching isn’t feasible.

Siti, a knowledgeable tech writer at FaceCheck.ID, wants to increase everyone’s safety online.

How To Reverse Image Search works

Google doesn’t have any built-in reverse image search functionality on Instagram. FaceCheck ID fills this need by providing an exclusive Instagram solution. In this lesson, learn about the advantages of reverse image search and more.

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