How to Change Location on Hinge, Here’s, What You Can Do!

In this article will lead you through How to Change Location on Hinge so that you may connect with individuals in other areas or have more individualized dating experiences.

Examining Hinge Location Configurations

Millennials and Generation Z make up the main target audience for the Hinge dating app. Hinge, the third most downloaded dating app in the US behind Tinder and Bumble, may be a great choice if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. More than half of Hinge’s users are between the ages of 25 and 49. But Some user need to hide their location and have a query like How to Change Location on Hinge, then here the top method step by step.

Hinge’s Evolution

Hinge, which debuted in 2012 as a Tinder-like swiping app, suggested profiles of friends of friends. But following a complete redesign in 2016, Hinge moved from being a “swiping game” to a “relationship app,” doing away with Tinder’s swipe hierarchy and “friends of friends” matching approach.

Hide or Change Your Hinge Location

Has your fear of being recognized prevented you from using a dating app? Hinge is a distinct dating app that doesn’t depend on physical closeness. It requires human location input and doesn’t use your phone’s location data to connect singles to Change Location on Hinge.

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The Requirement to Move Hinge Location

It becomes essential to relocate if one wants to communicate with individuals in other states or nations. Hinge lets you contact with people in Canada if you reside in the United States by changing your location.

Hinge’s Top Methods for How to Change Location on Hinge

Method 1: Use Hinge Settings to Change Location on Hinge

With Hinge, if users facing the issue like “Change Location on Hinge” may change their location without having to pay for a membership. Hinge avoids utilizing the location data on your phone by concentrating on building connections. Rather, to get matched with others nearby, you must manually input your location.

For iPhone:

  1. In the Settings area, click the pencil icon next to your name.
  2. Choose Edit, then select the Location tab in the My Vitals section.
  3. Type in a new location or your current one.
  4. Your Hinge location will be successfully changed when you save the settings.

Android users:

  1. Select Preferences and Settings.
  2. To specify the desired place, select the My Place option and then pinch and zoom the map.
  3. Your Hinge placement will be adjusted when you save your changes.

Method 2: Use a Change Location Tool to locatie a Changed Location on Hinge

For a variety of reasons, users may choose to update their location on Hinge and other location-based applications. Users may alter their position with the use of programs like iOS position Changer, which accurately simulates GPS movement.


On Hinge, “How to Change Location on Hinge” or “How to Hide Location on Hinge” on Hinge is an easy procedure. iOS Location Changer is suggested for users wishing to change their location in Hinge and other programs because to its proficiency, ease of use, and ability to accommodate people with less technical knowledge.

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