Google Pixel 9 Leaks in Renders, Featuring Three Rear Cameras and Flat Sides

Just a few time ago, CAD-based renderings of the Google Pixel 9 Pro made its appearance, and now it’s time for the less expensive model to get the same treatment Presenting the Google Pixel 9.

Google Pixel 9 Leaks in Renders, Featuring Three Rear Cameras and Flat Sides

Notable Camera Improvement in Google Pixel 9 Leaks

The Google Pixel 9 is a notable upgrade over the Pixel 8, since it has three back cameras—one of which has a periscope zoom lens. In terms of specs, this puts it more in line with the Pro model.

Adopting the “Flat Sides” Trend

Notably, Google has embraced the ‘flat sides’ design style that Apple popularized. The Pixel 8’s curved frame has been replaced with a flatter design more akin to that of the iPhone. While personal tastes may differ, the prevalence of this design decision across various organizations raises doubts about originality.

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Redesigned Camera Island

The camera island is no longer round; instead, it now has an oval shape that spans the width of the phone. The island no longer overflows the screen, giving the Pixel aesthetic a unique but identifiable look.

Front-Side Modifications

On the front in Google Pixel 9 the flat frame is visible, exposing symmetrical screen bezels. The selfie camera is housed in a single hole-punch notch in the upper center area of the 6.1-inch screen.

Measurements and Predictions of Google Pixel 9

With the camera bump adding thickness to the dimensions, which are reportedly 152.8 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm, the Google Pixel 9 is somewhat thinner, broader, and taller than its predecessor. Although a 6.1-inch screen is anticipated, information on the aspect ratio is still pending.

Expectations for the Future

Though details are few, the Google Pixel 9 is expected to make its formal debut in around eight months. Expect a flurry of leaks in the run-up to the announcement, as is customary with Google Pixel launches. Await updates as additional information becomes available.

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