Hyundai to Present S-A2 Air Taxi at 2024 CES

Hyundai S-A2 Air Taxi : Hyundai, a vehicle manufacturer, has formally unveiled the S-A2 Air Taxi, a four-passenger air taxi that represents a daring attempt to take over metropolitan skies. Hyundai highlighted its dedication to the creation of vertical-takeoff aircraft during the annual CES tech exhibition in Las Vegas, where the announcement was made. The aircraft is scheduled to launch in 2028.

Noiseless Engine and Trial Flights

Later this year, test flights are planned for the eight-propeller S-A2 Air Taxi. Hyundai boasts that even with many propellers, the aircraft makes as little noise as a dishwasher.

Hyundai’s Background with S-A2 Air Taxi

Hyundai S-A2 Air Taxi
Hyundai S-A2 Air Taxi Photo

Hyundai has already dabbled with the air taxi industry. An early version was shown at CES four years ago by the South Korean firm. But until today, there haven’t been many updates on the flying machine. Uber sold the division to Joby Aviation in 2020, but owing to adjustments brought on by the pandemic, Hyundai said that it intended to incorporate the air taxi into the Uber platform.

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Competitive Air Mobility and Advancements

The S-A2 Air Taxi is built for 40–60 km flights, needing a human pilot with training, according to Hyundai’s AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) division. Hyundai now faces direct competition from other businesses who are working on developing electric vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities (eVTOLs).

Beyond Hyundai, Urban Air Mobility

Hyundai S-A2 Air Taxi
Hyundai S-A2 Air Taxi Review

The idea of urban air transportation went beyond Hyundai at CES 2024. While US startup Pivotal, supported by Google co-founder Larry Page, began selling its tiny aircraft, the Helix, Chinese automaker Xpeng unveiled a flying capsule for two passengers.

Pivotal’s Helix: No Pilot License Needed
One distinctive characteristic of Pivotal’s Helix is that it may be flown in the United States even without a pilot’s license, which opens up new possibilities for personal aviation. The aircraft, which is estimated to cost between $190,000 and $260,000, will be delivered in June.

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