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    Remodeling design trends for luxury homeowners have changed… rather than thinking “bigger” they’re determining to think “smarter”! Through renovating, their reason isn’t only to update the appear and feel of your home, but additionally to boost improved and function of these space to meet the changing needs with their lifestyle. Listed below are approaches to have any of the changes:

    Grand Entrances – nothing says “welcome home” over being greeted by a grand entrance! Stately covered porticos, columns, circular stone drive-ups etc. are not only a pleasing upgrade on the home, but a financial one also. This sort of renovation can also add around 10% for the price of the home.

    Exterior and interior Gourmet Kitchens – these areas are viewed is the “heart” of the property where relatives and buddies bond. They must be made to accommodate the homeowners want to entertain over a grand scale, both formally and informally. With the addition of power efficient and sustainable appliance packages and the latest wood, metal and stone finishes, you will be able to produce a beautiful space in order to meet the multiple needs coming from all those people who are moving into the property.

    Outdoor Living Areas – optional outdoor liveable space will enlarge the effective living space of your home, and will be renovated, choosing a home from ordinary… to extraordinary! Pools, cabanas, bars, spas, recreational courts, fire pit seating areas etc. These are generally some of the most popular design trends and amenities that offer luxury homeowners using a lifestyle, not really a place to live.

    Master Bedroom/Bath Suites – el born area will usually will include a library/sitting room, as well as a dramatic master bath where luxury homeowners can retreat for being both physically and mentally rejuvenated. Doorless, multi-headed shower enclosures, whirlpool baths and saunas, towel warming drawers and racks… these are just some of the methods through focus on individual customized design detailing the “spa experience” can be carried out in your house. Note: Having two master bedroom/bath suites has developed into a popular remodeling request on account of accommodate changing lifestyles, i.e. live-in parents, adult children etc.

    Individual Home business office Suites – because technology, the internet and wireless communications have transformed our way of life, this renovation is regarded as a “must-have” by so many. Luxury homeowners view individual in-home office suites his or her personal headquarters to stay connected and manage their busy lives.

    Entertainment/Flex Areas – Using the many technological advancements that were made, this area has replaced the classic “living room” of yesterday, and has get to be the “hub” of today for family and friends of any age to accumulate. Superior multichannel surround sound with the touch of your mouse has made home theaters very popular, and user-friendly than ever.

    Many of these “smart” remodeling design trends and amenities have been designed to improve quality of life… and satisfy the diversified and changing lifestyle needs which are more discriminating homeowner.

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